Our Services

Our suite of activities are continually evolving as we innovate machinery and methodology to attain a superior result for your project and the threatened species we are saving.

Flame Robin

Site preparation:

  • Site assessment and monitoring
  • Project plan development and implementation, incorporating adaptive management principles
  • Comprehensive soil testing
  • Site preparation slashing
  • Soil disturbance techniques for site preparation (harrowing, AERA-vator and cultivation)
  • Specialised topsoil removal
  • Herbicide application (wiping, boom, spot spraying)

Seeding activities:

  • Diverse native grassland  habitat restoration including species specific ecological design
  • Native pasture sowing
  • Inter-row vineyard and Citrus
  • Direct seeding using our purpose engineered and innovative machinery including but not limited to our custom  multi mix seed box, modified Connor Shea disc seeder, modified AERA-vator and Hand seeding where required
Black Chinned Honeyeater

Grassland management:

  • Long term management plans
  • Adaptive management principles
  • Specialist weed control services (wiping and selective spraying)
  • Slashing
  • Grazing management plans
  • Fertiliser recommendations and application
  • Bush care activities
  • Monitoring

Other Specialist Services

  • Threatened species recovery plan implementation (flora and fauna)
  • Project management
  • Seed production areas – seed treatments, seed mixing, seed batching and viability testing.
  • Specialised wild harvest of native species
  • Identify endangered flora species and develop recovery program utilising large scale seed production
  • Field Research including species specific, seeding techniques and methodology, site preparation and management
  • Manage propagation of trees, shrubs and species that do not produce viable seed
  • Education (Workshops, field days, presentations)
  • Native grassland consultancy
Chestnut Rumped Heath Wren