Our Services

Our suite of activities are continually evolving as we innovate machinery and methodology to attain a superior result for your project and the threatened species we are saving.

We are members of the Society for Ecological Restoration and where appropriate we apply the National standards for the practice of ecological restoration in Australia.http://seraustralasia.com/standards/National%20Restoration%20Standards%202nd%20Edition.pdf

Flame Robin

Site preparation:

  • Site assessment and monitoring
  • Project plan development and implementation, incorporating adaptive management principles
  • Comprehensive soil testing
  • Site preparation slashing
  • Soil disturbance techniques for site preparation (harrowing, AERA-vator and cultivation)
  • Specialised topsoil removal
  • Herbicide application (wiping, boom, spot spraying)

Seeding activities:

  • Diverse native grassland  habitat restoration including species specific ecological design
  • Native pasture sowing
  • Inter-row vineyard and Citrus
  • Direct seeding using our purpose engineered and innovative machinery including but not limited to our custom  multi mix seed box, modified Connor Shea disc seeder, modified AERA-vator and Hand seeding where required
Black Chinned Honeyeater

Grassland management:

  • Long term management plans
  • Adaptive management principles
  • Specialist weed control services (wiping and selective spraying)
  • Slashing
  • Grazing management plans
  • Fertiliser recommendations and application
  • Grassland ‘bushcare’ activities
  • Monitoring

Other Specialist Services

  • Threatened species recovery plan implementation (flora and fauna)
  • Project management
  • Seed production areas – seed treatments, seed mixing, seed batching and nursery viability testing.
  • Specialised wild harvest of native species
  • Identify endangered flora species and develop recovery program utilising large scale seed production
  • Field Research including species specific, seeding techniques and methodology, site preparation and management
  • Manage propagation of trees, shrubs and species that do not produce viable seed
  • Education (Workshops, field days, presentations)
  • Native grassland consultancy
Chestnut Rumped Heath Wren