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Mission Statement:

To reverse grave species loss through innovative native grassland restoration for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity on which all life depends.


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Seeding Natives Incorporated specialises in the ground up ecological restoration of grassland ecosystems.

Native pastures are native grassland ecosystem and require as much attention to detail in development and management as a diverse grassy woodland site.

Native pastures are of particular interest to horse owners because many exotic pasture species have a negative effect on their health, whereas Australian native grasses are ideal for year round grazing for horses.

Below are some links that may be of interest to anyone interested in developing a native pasture for their beloved horses.

Seeding Natives can assist you with all aspects of your native pasture, from planning and sowing right through to the long term management of your native perennial pasture.


Horse Pasture Information from Native Seeds

Native Grass Pasture for Horses pdf

Native Grasses Nutrition FactSheet doc

Seeding Natives does not endorse all details and nomenclature of species in these articles, yet the sites have some very useful information.